Other published work

Alongside those items already listed I have been involved with a number of other projects which have resulted in my work being published. Here are a few examples:

New Wave Art Silver, The Fay Lucas Gallery, London, 1999.

fullsizeoutput_87e.jpegIn 1999 I worked with highly regarded and respected dealer Fay Lucas on her ground breaking commercial exhibition ‘New wave Art Silver’ at her Kensington Church Street Gallery.

I wrote an essay for the catalogue: Twentieth Century Silver

“The development of silverware during the twentieth century presents the collector and historian with a fascinating and varied subject. The many widely differing social changes and the changes in stylistic fashions have brought about the production of a huge range of objets, both in Great Britain and further afield. This essay will consider some of the more important influences on the production of silverware during this century and examine a number of prominent makers from the period”

fullsizeoutput_869.jpegThere were a number of supporting articles including this one in Antiques Magazine, Issue No.773, February 1999.

“As the 20th century comes to an end, we are able to look back on the last hundred years as a period of great change, development and achievement in the field of silversmithing. The many stylistic fashions that have occurred present the historian and collector with an enormously varied subject, and a great diversity of design, manufacture and value.”



Blackie and Son, The Art Nouveau Book and the Glasgow School of Design, Antique Collecting, June 2008, Vol 43, No. 2 pp26-31.

My interest in the work of The Glasgow school of design and the ability (then – not now) to find these Blackie books reasonably easily led me to look into these cover designs. This resulted in an article for The Antique Collectors’ Club magazine, Antique Collecting.

fullsizeoutput_87f.jpeg“The terms ‘popular; and ‘art’ have been used together on many occasions, but seldom with as much justification as with the books designed by Talwin Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and others for Blackie and Son at the end of the 19th and during the early years of the 20th centuries. The combination of large-scale publishing alongside the most progressive of contemporary design was used in such a way that not only were the volumes successful as a commercial venture, but they have since become highly regarded for their decorative qualities.”

IMG_4325Alongside magazine articles such as these there have been numerous reports in the press relating to various aspects of valuation and photographs of me with items that I have seen through the auction process for clients that have achieved pleasingly high or news-worthy results.

If there is some media work that you think I can help with I would be delighted to hear from you.