Occasionally when I blog, or when I write something I will make specific reference to one of the many International/Great Exhibitions that have taken place. I will collect this work together here, hopefully in time this will create a useful range of information on Exhibition History.

If there is a specific exhibition that you are interested in it would be great to hear from you … or you have anything to share on exhibitions …

I offer a number of talks on the history of Great Exhibitions and similar events. Click below to take you to a summary of each talk.

The History of Great Exhibitions, World’s Fairs and Expos, 1851 to the present day, with a focus on the British contribution.

The British Empire Exhibition, Wembley 1924-25. The last great display of Empire.

1951, The Festival of Britain, A Nation Celebrated. Art, Architecture and Design in Post War Britain.

For information on many more exhibitions follow the link in the drop down menu to see if there is anything of interest…


St Louis 1904, The Franco-British Exhibition of 1908, The Festival of Britain 1951 and the Louisiana World Exposition of 1984.