1951, Festival of Britain, London and Great Britain

The Festival of Britain is one of the most interesting British exhibitions, held after the war, the government and people decided to celebrate the centenary of the Great Exhibition. The resultant Festival had a spectacular centrepiece with the displays on the South Bank of the Thames in London, but there were also thousands of smaller events across the country. On village greens, in church halls, art galleries and theatres up and down the country events were held as a part of the Festival year.

Looking back at the Festival now it seems to have been a time of great optimism and promise. The newly established NHS, secondary education for all, new homes, jobs, leisure, mass travel and new leisure pursuits were all promoted at the Festival of Britain. There was little time spent looking backwards, military and royalty played small parts in what was a celebration of the people by the people.

offer a lecture on the Festival, it is a talk that have given on numerous occasions and it is always popular with those who love post war art design and architecture. Click here to see a summary of this talk.

I have written a number of blog posts about thee Festival and items from it … click on the images to see these…

If you have any thoughts about or recollections of the Festival it wold be lovely to hear from you.