1925 The British Empire Exhibition



Did you attend an event at Wembley, the Empire Stadium as it used to be known. A rock concert, football match or Similar event? Walking down Wembley way from the Tube station with all the expectation and excitement generated by the event you were attending. The famous and iconic Twin Towers drawing you towards the stadium. Much missed by those of a certain age but taken down in 2003 to make way for the new stadium fit for the current age and up to the standards expected for such national venues. This was the last link in the British imagination with the British Empire Exhibition which brought about the building in the mid 1920’s. Now gone, and fading from our minds there are few memories of this last great display of Empire.

With numerous pavilions designed by John William Simpson and Maxwell Ayrton from reinforced concrete for ease of construction. At the heart of the site was the Government Pavilion. With displays to show the work of various Government bodies this monumental and rather imposing building was the spiritual heart of the Empire and the great controlling body that oversaw the armed forces, the Imperial Institute and other similar bodies. I wrote a blog post about this building. Click here to see this post.

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