1897 Exposition Internationale De Bruxelles

This was the first of three major International Exhibitions to be held in Brussels, the others in 1935 and 1958.

As ever, an attempt to promote the city, industry, art and culture. The exhibition had the motto ‘modern life’ and included all the novelties one might expect including a large electric sun. Art Nouveau predominated in the decorative arts and the ‘village negres‘ included 267 living ‘exhibits’ which proved hugely popular.

Postcards were becoming ever more popular towards the end of the nineteenth century and there were many produced for the seven million visitors to send to their loved ones. This card featuring typically ‘belle époque‘ exhibition architecture and the traditional craft of Dentelliere Flamande – Flemish Lace-work.

I wrote a blog post about the exhibition medal designed by Julius Lagae. Click on the image to read this.