Matthew Denney

Auctioneer Valuer Lecturer Writer

fullsizeoutput_594Hello, I am an auctioneer, valuer, lecturer, writer and educationalist. Based near the Dorset, Devon and Somerset border, I am always happy to travel for work and am in London regularly. I work in many aspects of the fine and decorative arts and offer a full range of professional auctioneering and valuation services, contact me through this site if you think I can help. Whilst currently consulting for one of the leading provincial auction rooms I also work for a number of other people who are happy to take advantage of the many years of experience that I bring to my work.

As a valuer and auctioneer who has been a qualified member of the R.I.C.S. for many years I can undertake written valuations for probate, insurance, auction or other purposes. I can take auctions for you or advise on the organisation of your auction, with over thirty years of rostrum experience I have encountered most aspects of the business at one time or another.

As a speaker I offer a variety of talks on aspects of the history of fine and decorative arts, a page on this site lists the talks that are currently available to Art and Antique Societies, U3A and similar groups. Having been a full time Senior Lecturer at graduate and post-graduate level for many years I enjoy delivering talks to a wide range of groups.  I have a number of particular interests, my PhD was about certain facets of the Arts and Crafts movement, and I am also concerned with a variety of aspects of late 19th century and 20th century design and architecture. In particular the history of the Great Exhibitions are fascinating as they offer a really interesting picture of a nation at a particular moment in time and there is so much that we can learn from them about our shared national and international histories.

I have written on a number of  subjects in the past and links to previous published works, chapters in other volumes, journal papers, articles and the like can be found on this site. I am currently working on a number of projects, in particular with the history of the crafts in postwar Cornwall and the history of the mid-century newtowns. I would always be pleased to hear from you if you think you have a project that might interest me.

Having been a collector of fine and decorative arts relating to late nineteenth and twentieth century design and exhibitions for some time now I have amassed a reasonable collection of items, mostly ephemeral, that help to tell the story of exhibition history and 20th century design. I hope to share some of my thoughts on many aspects of exhibitions on this site and will use items from my collection to do this wherever possible. Blog posts will appear regularly, perhaps once a fortnight, it would be great if you could share your thoughts with me and those who visit this site.